Saturday, April 16, 2011

its come to the day..


Tomorrow is the day.. after few month working hard for this programme, finally we near to the departure time which is on tomorrow. As a members of multimedia team and also the videographer, this week really pack wih the training, workshop, assignment and all the preparation.. everyday, sleep at 4 am and start work at 7 am.. only few days need to master all the camera equipments.

Last night only have a time to packing all personal stuff.
penat giler.... All of this is about the Heritage Studies at Iran for my group. Our batch had diveded into 4 location whis were, Pekan, Surabaya, Dhaka and Isfahan..

now, everything is complete, hope so, with all the stuff already packed.
The only thing i'm worried is about the videography.. Although i've alredy join the workshop, training, doing the assignment about the video, but to master it in few days, i dont think so.. but i will try my best to do it with help by others.

Hopefully all of us cam perform well there.. We didnt think this trip its like a holida ytrip bcoz of the pressure of the subject due to previous year perfomance. But i think, if the senior batch can perform well, why not us??..
(hopefully, our bath will be better than them) amin...

Aout the Iran. currently checked at the internet. The climate there is spring season. The tempereture on the day is average minimum 20'c and at night is -2'
we will be there in 2 weeks.. pray for us .. hehe.. we will came back here with a good product from iran to put at KAED.. Insyaallah.. amin...
owh before that, this is the short video produce by multimedia team from iran group as a assgnment before went to iran.. its a bit bleur becoz of the low resolution in editing..

Genre: commedy
subject: tali rafia.
person name: micheal

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Ok, sekarang dah balik ke iium balik.. Semua students yang ambil heritage studies 2011 tengah buat preparation untuk ke destinasi masing2 tak lama lagi.. 12 april majority kena lapor diri dekat campus dan minggu ni minggu terakhir untuk buat final touch, workshop, training, beli barang dan sebagainya.

Almost every night we have a meeting for each group and departmet. Biasanya, masa final week ni la nak slot in ape yang masih lagi kurang. Destinasi batch kami ialah ke 4 tempat iaitu Pekan (Malaysia), Surabaya (Indonesia), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kashan (Iran).

Misi kami pada tahun ni untuk membawa balik 4 produk ke KAED. InsyaAllah, diharapkan semua akan berjalan dengan sebaik yang mungkin. Paper lat exam baru ni 6 april, tapi 8 april baru balik rumah. Ada masa 3 hari je baru ni nak luangkan masa jumpa parents. Ok la tu kan, ambil berkat. 18 april, student2 lain dah start cuti semester. siapa yang tak ambil short sem tu , lama la cuti.. 12 september nanti baru bukak balik.. yang ambil short sem nh 10 may dah masuk balik..

Masa cuti ni la semua akan buat research dan sebagainya di destinasi masing2.. Group aku akan ke Iran. Buat kajian tentang Haghighi House.. Bukak short sem nanti akan smbung buat kerja sampailah habis sem.. subjek ni la antara yang paling mencabar dari segi mental dan fizikal.. So, sama2 lah kita nantikan produk yang akan kami hasilkan nanti.. Diharapkan semua berjaya dengan cemerlang.. amin..(doa).. all the best geng!!...